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The world’s energy resources are finite. The Petro company group has taken on the environmental challenge to carefully convert a wide range of fuels into energy for industrial and commercial usage.

As a responsible business partner, we seek not only to optimize energy production, but also to reduce negative impacts on the environment. Our program of research and development combined with our product design and manufacturing technology, help to reduce impact on the environment caused by pollution.

Our attention to detail ensures a range of products that comply with the strictest of air emission requirements. We continually work to improve methods of utilizing energy resources in an efficient and non-polluting way. We can offer both products and expertise.

New Boiler House at Atria

Atria bought this as a turn key contract from PetroBio. The prefabricated boiler house was delivered in modules. It was a good solution for us to build the boiler completely independent adjacent to the factory, and we are pleased with the solution, says Lars-Inge Pettersson at Atria Sköllersta.

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