PetroBio wants to be an active participant in improving the environment of the world. Our vision is:

PetroBio contributes globally and locally to a better environment and better climate for future generations.

Locally, we do this through active and thoughtful choices in everyday life and through our choice of products and product development. In the global perspective through our B1G1 (Buy One Give One) program.

A global issue like the environment requires local action all over the world. PetroBio therefore collaborates with Emerging Cooking Solutions. We donate through them a pellets stove to Zambia for every burner we sell. It replaces a simple charcoal stove in a nursery, school, hospital or similar. This will lead to a direct improvement of the environment, and a reduction in local deforestation.

Accept the PetroBio's challenge to improving the world and supporting the transition to sustainable fuels. Donate a stove for each purchased burner, alternatively support Petro's recipient with pellets. Consider one year's pellets consumption for each burner. Contact Petro, we will help you help.

Zambia (and many parts of the rest of Africa) are struggling with many difficult issues around energy. The dominant part of the country's energy is used for cooking. It is largely made on simple "stoves" with charcoal as fuel. As a result, large forest areas are destroyed to produce charcoal. In primitive wood coal mills, 80-90% of energy is already lost in the woods, and the bad wood-burning stove has an efficiency of less than 10%. A total energy loss of 98-99%. A household needs about 1000 kg charcoal per year. To produce that, at least 8-9 tons of wood are needed. The low efficiency gives rise to unnecessarily large CO2 emissions and deforestation reduces the Earth's ability to absorb CO2. This will therefore have a double climate impact. Zambia lost in this way more than 300,000 hectares of its original forest each year.

A modern pellet stove burns very clean and significantly reduces the risk of poisoning. The flame is almost completely free from particulates. Such a stove is more expensive in purchases than a charcoal stove, but the fuel is 30% -50% cheaper. A normal family can save the purchase cost for the stove already in 6-12 months. Unfortunately, many people are in a poverty trap and have a hard time investing in a new stove, even though it´s payoff is fast in both money and health.

For information on how to contribute, contact

Per CarlssonSales & Marketing Manager+46 31 335 49 64per.carlsson at