New Boiler House at Atria

10 February 2016

Atria is a major producer of food under brands such as Sibylla, Lithells and Ridderheims. In autumn 2015, Atria brought into operation a new steam plant that can supply 6 MW of steam, based on wood powder, to the plant in Sköllersta.

Atria needed to replace the old boiler, both for reasons of age as well as their need for greater capacity. The choice fell on a prefabricated, complete boiler house from PetroBio. The new boiler is fired with pellets that are ground into wood powder before being burned in a Petro PCES burner.

At 100% wood powder, the boiler can supply Atria´s process with up to 6 MW of steam. During extreme need, they can add additional 3 MW of oil and get a total of 9 MW. The stable price situation and the simple management decided the choice of a pellet-based wood powder solution.

The new boiler house was placed in the yard next to the factory. In this way Atria experienced minimal disruption in production during construction. It was delivered to Sköllersta in four prefabricated modules and was assembled into one unit at site. It was then supplemented with a pellet silo, a flue gas filter and a stack.

The facility consists of a pellet silo from Mafa, a grinding systems from Mared, PetroBio burner, boiler from Danstoker and an electric filter from Scheuch. Z-technology assembled the modules and the whole plant is managed by Petros control PMS20.

General Description of prefabricated boiler room can be found here

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