Automation and Control  

PetroBio develops and supplies automation systems designed to meet customers’ specific needs. Both single burner control as well as turn key full function system controls are available in our product portfolio.

The main needs considered when developing a system for the safe and reliable functionality of a burner/system are:

  • Complying with all safety regulations and standards concerning burners.

  • Achieving an environmentally friendly combustion.

  • Fulfilling standard and special customer needs.

Automation and Control                 

Automation and Control systems are available as:

  • PMS 05 - single burner control system 

  • PMS 10 - semi-standard solution adapted to control also surrounding external components in the burner system

  • PMS 20 - full turn key solution, adapted to full system control, ex a boiler station 

  • PBMC - marine automation system

The advantage of the Automation and Control systems are:

  • Compliance with European standards and norms for burner applications

  • Built-in combustion expertise resulting in low emissions and efficient process

  • Remote control possibility, for fast and easy support

  • Customer adapted solutions available

If you need more info our team will be happy to assist