PL Lance Burner

The PL burner operates with liquid fuels and uses atomizing air or steam for low NOx combustion.

This burner can be equipped with optionally retractable protection automatically hatches, which makes the burner well suited for applications where dirt and heat impact is challenging.  

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PL Lance Burner

The advantage of the PL Burner 

PL 5-50 MW

Multi Fuel Optional    

The advantage of the  PL  Burner

  • Proven in use as a start-up and support burner of solid fuel boilers

  • Requires small mounting opening in boiler and to high fuel efficiency

  • Low maintenance

  • Automatic heat protection hatches

  • Optimal combustion with low emissions

  • Simple to replace old existing burners

  • Burner can easily be opened, and internal parts are directly accessible for inspection and cleaning

  • Individually manufactured to customer specific requirements


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